baked chicken


baked chicken



Marinate your chicken pieces or whole chicken overnight with a mix of Your favourite chicken spice + Chutney (optional) + a bit of olive oil.

Bake in a baking tray (on a sheet of baking paper) in a preheated oven (170°C) for 45 – 60 minutes.

Remove and serve.


1. Ideally cook your chicken when you are close to serving

2. Do not overcook your chicken because it will burn or dry up. Consider having extra marinate for basting in between the baking.

-Tip on improving the aethetics :

1. Use nicer chicken pieces – ie for me that would be drums and thighs or uncut whole chicken

2. Consider using Parsely and/or Lemons or cherry tomatoes to garnish your chicken platter/plate

Parsely is like +/- R10 at most stores so might not impact the budget much.

-Other meat budget meat options to consider adding:

1. Baked Glazed pork belly – pork is already one of the most affordable options – so if you and your family eats/enjoys pork then I’d recommend you add it to the table. It tastes good and adds to the aethetics – plus it’s just so easy and cheap to prepare

2. Beef or Mutton stew-you don’t need to get a lot of beef or stew (because we know gore these can be a bit pricey for most people ) – so get a bit and cook it with some of your favourite vegetables such as sweet corn, baby carrots, baby potatoes and others it increases the stew and elevate it at the same.

3. Consider blessing your African food loving family with Hardboy chicken stew.. It might add that thing to the table

Anyways, my tips and suggestions for budget Xmas lunch meat options – whatever you choose I hope that you enjoy.