The Best Fruit Salad

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The Best Fruit Salad

Fruit salad ingredients

Strawberry: To choose a good strawberry, it should be a nice red color, and there are no dark spots.
Pineapple: To choose a good pineapple, it should have a sweet smell of pineapple.
Red grapes – To pick a good grape, presses a couple of them.
Kiwi “is available in the market. Its price is different from one country to another, and of course, from one fruit merchant to another.”
Mandarin oranges
Bananas – optional “dispensable”.
Lemon “gives flavor”.

How to prepare fruits for salad

Each fruit must be washed separately, as there is one type of fruit that needs to be washed more than the other.
It is necessary to cover the fruits while cutting others.

How to make the best fruit salad recipe


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